With the arrival of spring, activity has shifted from pruning and repairs in the vineyard to the winery, where we bottled and released our 2017 Bacchus, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc with their new labels.   

We’re very happy with the new look and the quality of the wines.  The wines were featured at the Locals Only BC event in March hosted at Edible Canada on Granville Island.  The event was managed by our agent, Rich Massey, and was a chance to showcase island producers’ products with industry partners.  Zac and I had the chance to connect with existing and prospective clients, as well as wine writers like John Schreiner, one of the foremost authorities on BC wines.  Here you can read John’s review of our wines.  Also, in attendance at Locals Only was the host of Tasting Room Radio, Terry David Mulligan.  Listen to Terry’s interview with Julie about Alderlea’s wines.

In addition to the 2017 Alderlea whites, we recently bottled and released a new addition to our Plaid family of wines: the Plaid Pink.  

The Plaid Pink was launched in late March at the weekly Island Roots Market in Nanaimo and was a big hit a few days later at the Vancouver Island Market [insert photo].  Many thanks to Mei and Janice for their amazing efforts promoting this market and making it a great success!  We look forward to future events with you.  We are excited to move back into Beban Park with the Island Roots Market starting on May 16.   Until then, you can find us every Wednesday at the Pleasant Valley Hall in north Nanaimo.