Week Two in my new job was largely consumed helping to bottle last year’s white wines.  The bottling line is an efficient set-up and the process moves fairly quickly, much faster than bottling our previous handcrafted wines which was a much slower process but also on a much smaller scale.

I started my first day on the corker, taking bottles from the filler, putting a cork in and sending the finished product onwards to be labelled.  There was a learning curve as you see in my first bottle.

Can you spot the problem?  It’s a common mistake for new corkers, to the hilarity of the rest of the bottling crew.  Now I know to press the button only once.

It probably took about 60 seconds into my corking career for this thought to cross my mind, “I went to university to avoid doing jobs like this…”  Ah, the irony that this is now my chosen profession! 

Working the line those four days, images of Lucille Ball and Laverne & Shirley crept into my mind (I realise I’m dating myself with those references but sod it!)

Another sensory observation from the line was the smell of the wine as it filled the bottles – fresh fruit notes of Sauvignon Blanc, Bacchus and Pinot Gris.  Fantastic.

I’m still getting used to the degree of change from my old career to my new one.  So far, so great.